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Terms and conditions for use of the Skill Broker GmbH | SBG Site

By joining or using the Skill Broker Site GmbH | SBG you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below:

The information which you enter on this site, and provide to SBG in any other way such as mail, phone, interview, may be stored in the SBG | Skill Broker database which is physically located at the SBG headquarters in Germany, and follows the German laws regarding the registration of information. If for some reason, you wish your data to be removed you can contact SBG either by email or phone, and we will remove all your data. (See address and phone on the imprint). As an alternative, if your circumstances are such that you do not want to be contacted about projects for a period, you can contact SBG by email or phone of and ask to be marked as “inactive”. In this case you’ll no longer be routinely contacted but your data will be kept, and you can always re-activate your profile.

Please do not enter any sensitive personal information, such as your religion, race, political leaning, union membership, sexual orientation or health information, since this type of information is not allowed to be stored in the SBG database.

Your CV will not be shared with any other company without your approval.

SBG may, with your consent, edit your information, to assist you with updating your profile and to optimize your CV.

SBG can at any time and without explanation choose to stop the cooperation either by deleting your data or blocking your CV from searches. Consultants that do not live up to our demands of a minimum 5 years of professional IT experience can ignored and their data can be deleted without further notice.

When clients contact SBG in need of a consultant and your competences are a good match, SBG will contact you to confirm that you are available and interested in that project. You are always free to reject a project while continuing to anonymously seek other projects. If you accept, then your CV, edited on SBG layout and cover face, will, provided your consent, be sent to the client for review. Our clients themselves have no access to search our database of consultants.

Also your name, address, email and CV data will never be given to clients or others outside SBG without your consent.

You are not entitled to get a copy of the final CV, as the purpose of this site exclusively is to make SBG able to sell your consultancy services to our clients.


Privacy Policy

Your information is stored on SBG’s  own servers and is held confidential.

Use of the website, emails and error messages can be registered by the SBG IT department to detect abuse and to improve the website. This includes logging your full IP address if it is suspected of being malicious or otherwise causes errors on the website, but this information is only available to the administrators in the IT department, who can use it to block access from specific locations.

Your information is not used for any other purpose than getting you engaged with our clients as a freelance consultant. Your information will never be passed on to others without your consent.

SBG uses the party plug-ins on our websites, which each have their own privacy policy and each may store cookies that you are free to block or opt out from:

“Google Analytics”: We are using this to learn how people use our public websites, and what response we get from placing advertisements on the internet. You can read the Google Analytics privacy policy and opt out of data collection/cookies


Liability disclaimer

SBG does not accept any responsibility for misuse or loss of data.

SBG can in no way be made liable for the information which exists on the website even if contrary to expectations it should be incorrect. That means that SBG can in no way be made responsible for damage or loss, which is directly or indirectly incurred due to the information which exists on the website.

You should check these conditions from time to time, as it can be necessary to change them. This could happen for example, due to changes in the services of SBG or due to changes in laws.